1. I wish all people with ambition, not drift, is hidden in the body, dormant for the time, he became the heart yearning.
2. It is not suitable for me to communicate. On most occasions, I don’t think the other person is boring, and I’m afraid that the other person thinks I’m boring. But I do not want to bear the tedious of the other, and do not bother to make myself interesting. It is too tired. I was the easiest when I was alone, because I didn’t feel boring, even if I was tedious, I had to bear, not to be tired of others, no need to feel uneasy.
3. In this world, there may be no one who does not love to speak, only to see who meets it.
4. Never believe that suffering is worth it, suffering is suffering, and misery does not bring success. Suffering is not worth pursuing, and the will is because it cannot be avoided.
5. You have to work hard to make it look effortless.
6. For example, drinking water, cold and warm self-knowledge.
7. What is mediocrity? Not ordinary cause and birth, but spiritual barren and empty.
8. The long one is suffering while the short one is life。
9. Doing good deeds without asking for reward.
10. The so-called slave is the man who desires to conquer the reason.
11. Someone left a moment doesn’t usually make people feel sad, really makes you feel sorrow is to open the refrigerator that half a box of milk, the windowsill wind drag, the quiet green velvet was folded on the bed, and the washing machine in the middle of the night came bursts of sound.
12. The mother was old, walking on the wall, and having no footsteps.
13. I slowly and slowly learned that the so-called Father, Mother and Son only means that you and his fate are constantly changing in the present and future after seeing him. You stand at this end of the path, watching him gradually disappear in the corner of the road where, and he silently tell you with the back: do not chase.
14. A man’s life is to keep looking at his beloved parents walking in front of himself, and go further and further away until the last corner, leaving us with a waved figure, telling us not to see it again.
15. Parents in, there are still life here; parents go, life only return.
16. I am very sorry to be born.
17. The furthest distance in the world is life and death. The hardest feeling in the world is that I live with you and miss you.
18. Past memories, like snowflakes, falling in the forehead, at first glance cool. As everyone knows, dip a look of cold water, just know afterwards.
19. Life is really lonely like snow.
20. One day, you will have to sit down and talk calmly, like adults, instead of ignoring problems, and compromise at the expense of emotion.
21. Sometimes, people will encounter all kinds of temptation, does he forget the first heart, or is it trapped in it? Was he crawling out of the seductive swamp, or was he allowed to be drowned? Think of the people who love themselves, they don’t want to see it, change it. Now, you don’t enjoy it. You just fall into it. Now, you have to climb out.
22. To defeat myself is not despair, but hope; the pain of the heart is not indifference, but warmth.
23. The relationship between people and people, in order to develop in a long and harmonious way, is bound to be based on the exchange of equivalence.
24. The thinking of the soul never divorced from the image of the memory.
25. If anyone asks me what color I like most, I would say something like this: On a warm early morning, push the door open onto the street, with my hand in front of me, the color that passes through layers of green leaves.

Listening to Mao Amin’s “Big Day”, looking at these collected sentences (only the last sentence is written by me), looking back, looking forward, there is still a long way to go. We are all grown up.