In the morning, I stood in front of the window, the sprinkler drove the music and drove past the window; the sanitation workers on the road waved the broom in a rhythm, and made a sound of “shua–shua–”; The voice came from the opposite side; a young white-collar worker on the road accidentally smashed the A4 paper with the plan and spit it out, and bent down to pick it up. The aunt who sold the oil and the aunt who sold the food quarreled. A man in blue clothes on the road was wrongly buttoned, and the boy who was about to be late stumbled and crowded the crowd… The ordinary day started like this, and every day began like this.


When I was a child, I lived next to the train station. I often ran to the platform and watched people who wanted to travel by car. Some of them have their loved ones to say goodbye, some are alone; some are full of expectation, some are lost and sighed; some are flourishing, some are weather-beaten. Most of their eyes are filled with confidence and embarrassment to the distance. I often think about what happens to another city. Will they work hard? I don’t see the same sunset, I can’t see the same sky, I can’t hear the same accent, and what kind of mood is it to face different people? Will there be loss and loneliness? If so, why do they still choose a distant place?


I travel a lot, I have been to many places, I have seen many and many scenery, and I have seen many people. But I am often lonely, because most of the time I am alone. I didn’t understand why I had to travel so far and go to see those who were destined to be passers-by. Later, whenever I walked on the road and looked at the geese in the sky, I was thinking about who was the passer-by between us and who was the embellishment?


Some people say that life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what the next one is. And the reason why I walked forward without hesitation seemed to find the answer, it seems to be the next chocolate. The significance of my walking is to get the life I want – to get the life I want through hard work. And the meaning of walking all is to chase the life you want.


Every night I lay in bed, listening to the sound of time passing by. I know that people leave the world all the time, and people come to this world all the time. This is something that cannot be changed no matter how far the technology develops. Although I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, I know that the sun will rise tomorrow, and it must be new. There will still be countless people walking in the sun to run for life. This world is full of love and hate, and fame and fortune, but in the end it will be flat. The people of this world, either poor or rich, or respectful or humble, are dusty in all beings, and will eventually turn into earth.


I hope that all those who pursue their dreams in this ordinary world can get the life they want through their own efforts; I hope that all those who work hard can not forget the original heart and find their own value in this ordinary world. May this ordinary world be alive and lively because of the ordinary people who work hard.


Author: YuHan Zheng
Source: Thinking and Wisdom